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Tim Mann
sdltrs would not be possible without wonderful TRS-80 emualtor upon which it is based, xtrs.  Thanks Tim!!!!
libSDL Team
Big thanks also go to the libSDL team for creating the great cross platform library that makes sdltrs possible!!
My Wife and Daughter
For putting up with my old computer hobby.

I also thank the following people for their help for the items brought over from xtrs.
The JV1 and JV3 floppy disk file formats were designed by Jeff Vavasour, originally for his MSDOS-based TRS-80 emulators.

The DMK format was designed by David Keil for his MSDOS-based TRS-80 emulator.

The hard disk file format was designed by Matthew Reed for his MSDOS-based TRS-80 emulators.

Al Petrofsky and Todd P. Cromwell III supplied font data.

Roland Gerlach contributed the CP/M import and export programs as well as several bug reports and fixes for the emulator itself.

Ulrich Mueller added the -borderwidth option, improved the -scale option and the bitmap font scaling, ported the import, export, and settime utilities to Newdos/80, and contributed the HRG1B emulation.

Branden Robinson supplied the first version of the cassette man page, fixed Makefile bugs, translated cassette to the Bourne shell, and implemented watchpoints in zbx.

Mark McDougall provided documentation for the Micro Labs Grafyx Solution card.

Jenz Guenther added the -title option and contributed code to emulate the GENIE (German Model I clone).

Joe Peterson contributed code to emulate the TimeDate80 and the -emtsafe feature.

Denis Leconte contributed part of the -scale implementation.